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Be crowned

Up from 11 o'clock at 11. November the first term of office will be auctioned - probable at eBay. Who will move into the castle ?

For respectively 25 madunish years (= 95 days / 3 month of our time calculation) probable at eBay we will auction the royal crown. If everything goes well with the auction, the first King of Madunia will be put under oath end of november (our time) and will than move into the madun-castle for the first incumbency.

First of all already some information:

  • The king will get an own page under the rubrik "The King" at / .de and he will get write access to this page. The acting king so can publish something about himself, about his own model, his hobbies or he can use the page to advertise his company, club and so else.
  • Royal despatch: The king have the possibility to publish news to the portal.
  • Integration into story: The king will be integrated into the story active.
  • Forum: The king get for the duration of his incumbency the lable "KING" and after abdicating the lable "exking".
  • After abdicating the king will be added to the hall of fame and in the history of Madunia.
  • The citizen and foreign visitors will render homage to the king for welldone actions and for the royal glory.

Highlights of the (first) incumbency:

  • Well - it is the realy first incumbency, therewith the king will get into the history with special honours...
  • Involvement at the madunisch constitution: We, the guardians of the light, are working to prepare a comprehensive constitution since month. As first king you can and you should collaborate with us. Together we should implement the madunish constitution in the years of this first incumbency.

In this first incumbency we await a little engagement - particularly to the constitution - and together some fun :-)

There are various reasons to be crowned the king or queen....

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