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Bauilingreport Number 31

Saturday, 2006-01-07 Continue building the inner castle wall

Images 1 to 4:

Already at the climax of the madunish Cristmasyears a lot of stones and slabs was delivered.

After the madunisch Christmasyears now are over for the next decades, the construction manager make sure that the construction operation go on. He had ambitious efforts and so rankled the with mulled wine sloshed workmen.

So the stoneeaters had to work again and they first chop the material to an accurate size...

Images 5 to 6:

... and so the fist time an archway was built at the castle. The archway was calculated and intimately planed  by the construction manager during the christmas-years. Also he already calcluated the needed range of the arches and the static.

Images 7 to 10:

After the arches and the supporting pillars stand, the wall was increased fast.

Images 11 to 13:

The last arch was clever integrated into the stonework and for this a very exakt work was needed. The workmen was despairing exerted to meet the demands of the construction manager and his plans.

Images 14 to 16:

After this the construction manager allow the workmen no breaks and they continued building the next wall-section.

This cause a complaint from the masterinnkeeper Robin of the castletavern: Although he again and again swing his head into his neck and drunk, and drunk, and drunk - his schnapps was still there. And now he had to cancel a new delivery of barrels - but to late: At this hour he meditate where to intermediate store the barrels.

But also the powerrunts this week had a lot to do: They prepared LED-lamps in great quantities. The lamps should be installed in the next madunish weeks and months...

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