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Buildingreport Number 24

Wednesday, 2005-11-16 Aside the castle...

Images 1 to 2:

Not far from the castle strange things happen: The stoneeaters bring up some walls and some eager beaver maduns built booths at the grassland. At this already a big dispute arise - who get the assumed best place ?

Image 3:

After raining the grassland changed to a big swamp, to prevent this in the future the maduns built a plastered place. 

Because of nobody was working at the castle, the construction manager made a plan for the booths - they now was arranged ordered.

Images 4 to 5:

Also the powerrunts helped and wirte the small booth ...

Images 6 to 7:

... and also the nearly from the stoneeaters finished battlement.

On second thought: The last buildingreport reported about a rumour, that the wiring harness are not going to the castle. Go they perhaps to this place aside the castle ? Or is there no connection between this place and the lightplant ?

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