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In the category of the buildingreports we want to present the Genesis of the "Kingdom of Madunia". Many images with comments and sometimes even with videos show you the progress in time - sometimes they are telling a short story too.

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Buildingreport Number 21

Saturday, 2005-10-08 Impressions

Images 1 to 5:

(Images 1+2: House of the construction manager, Image 3+4: Castle tavern , Image 5: Royal house)

In the morning at madun-castle....

Images 6 to 9:

The car of the royal construction manager.

Images 10 to 18:

Guards in front of the castle-tavern.

Images 19 to 25:

(Images 19-22: House of the construction manager, Image 23: Royal house, Image 24: battlement and image 25: castle-tavern).

... and madun-castle at night.

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