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Buildingreport Number 20

Sunday, 2005-10-02 Big binge drinking and nothing moved forward

Images 1 to 2:

After the construction manager opened the castle-tavern at the 100-lights-party and the following desaster (only water was served, we reported) - now the first soft drinks, madunish beer, wine from the southern slopes and the proper tankards and tumblers (they also was missing) arrived this week. The workmen droped everything immediately and helped to unload ....

Image 3:

... and at the night to drink. A three day hold up carousal began and because of this nobody was able to work in this week...

The royal construction manager was very angry about this - nothing moved forward. So he secured the castle tavern with a around-the-clock-operating guard. Yesterday he decided, that the castle tavern in the future will only once the week opened for three hours.

Image 4:

The workmen was smart - they pool together and sent some girls to sidetrack the castle-guard. The word is that the girls was not able to seduce the guard :-(

Images 5 to 11:

So for some hours the work continued and a staircase from some old stones accrued. They should connect the battlement with the driveway above. Because of all the alcohol in the blood of the stone-eaters the stairway become a little bit warped - anyhow they was the first who was reasonably serviceable ...

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