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Buildingreport Number 16

Thursday, 2005-08-25 Building of two plazas at the driveway because of missing colours

The outstanding paintwork could not be done: All the time everybody waited for the colours. The barrels with the colours  - rumors were afloat - was stolen and drunk empty by the Diorimis - at the end they look terrible and their fur looked very curious ;) - confused they the barrels with someting else ?

Images 1 to 3:

Because of this the construction manager decide to continue build the driveway first. After a stable substructure stand ....

Images 4 to 8:

... the building of a plaza speedy continues. The plaza - out of good wood from the madun forest - was accurrate masked with paving stones.

Images 9 to 12:

Because of the colours still was missing, the next plaza was build  - shifted in the height a little bit. And the driveway was fixed at the two plazas.

That with the colours is curious: We asked a producer for some prototypes for our own madunish productline and they promise to deliver in two weeks - we arranged everything for tests and than nothing arrive. Actual in this buildingreport we want to report about our own colours the first time. But in modelbuilding there is alway enough to do ... *g*

Images 13 to 16:

Inserting the wooden plates was exhausting because of the round form of the driveway - but at the end the paving stones matched here too.

Images 17 to 18:

In the general view you can see, that notwithstanding of guzzle the coulours the driveway come a step forward - at the end also the construction manager was pleased with the progress.

At the leisure time between the workmen and stoneeaters a altercation and speculations arise, for what the new plazas could be used ?! The suggestions pass from "building of more houses for the workmen" across "positioning of memorials" up to "planting of yellow flowers". But also in this point the last word of course have the roayal construction manager ... :-)

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