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Buildingreport Number 15

Sunday, 2005-08-14 Continuing building the driveway

Images 1 to 4:

For the reason that the washed trucks (we reported) in the future will not get so dirty through the building site, the short time ago built driveway was covered with tar.

Images 5 to 8:

But also the raw rock should be ablated.

A massive problem was the supplied underpass from the royal producer named ***** (expletive deleted because of surreptitous advertising *g*): The producer arranged a round clock over the passage, where a  battlement was wished. So the round hole  was squared by the quick called "stone-itcher" and fullfiled with new stones.

Images 9 to 10:

But this was not the only problem: The delivered sections for the passage was two madunmeters to small. Enlarged have been the side walls .....

Images 11 to 16:

... and also the round cover. Here the construction manager used a trick with paper to insert the pieces of stone. They also used wood out of the madun forest to prevent the whole contruction from collapsing later.

Images 17 to 18:

After this intricacies the workmen speedy build forward. After the still outstanding paintwork hopefully nobody will be able to see the flub ;-)

Image 19:

Puh, the goal still was reached: A big piece of the raw rock was ablated and disguised with the wall and stones.

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