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In the category of the buildingreports we want to present the Genesis of the "Kingdom of Madunia". Many images with comments and sometimes even with videos show you the progress in time - sometimes they are telling a short story too.

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Buildingreport Number 14

from Sunday, 2005-08-07 Go ! Go ! Go !

Images 1 to 7:

The workmen no longer want to carry the heavy building materials by hand - so they now builded a driveway so that the needed materials can be transported by car. The driveway to "madun castle" is ready for the first test....

Images 8 to 11:

What is a driveway without a car ? Nothing, of course. So here is our truck for the first testdrive. The truck transport beside of all kinds of curios stuff two big container - what is in that ? And for what is the rest ? Goodness knows....

Well, because of the road works the truck is a little bit dirty ;) Actualy the truck now line up for a complete cleaning, so that he will be ready for the next building site.

Images 12 to 15:

Go Go Go ! The plan of the workmen seems to work - the first construction materials rolls now.

Attention: The filesize of the videos depends between 5 and 8 MByte !

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